UPDATED: Community of Practice Values

Hi Everyone,

So John tweeted the following at me today, “@WallsDouglas Is there a way that we can see the individual ratings for our wiki articles? I’d like to know which ones I was doing right.” which I thought was a great idea. Not only does it give you, as the community of practice, a notion of which of your entries other people responded to but let’s you see which one of your individual entries the class responded best to. Make sure to look at those entries that scored 4.5 and above. What did those authors do? How can revise the entries that you are curating to make the same moves? As we move to curation, that sort of information becomes increasingly valuable.

So here is a list of chapters with the class “average” score ranked next to them.

UPDATE: Here are the things that we as a class said we would add to each entry as curators:

Introduction / Steven Heller AVERAGE
Pt. I. Social Responsibility 1
Good Citizenship: Design as a Social and Political Force / Katherine McCoy 2 3.1
Socially Responsible Advertising: Altruism or Exploitation? / Judith Schwartz 9 4.2
Ethical Design Education: Confessions of a Sixties Idealist / Susan Szenasy 20 4.2
Beyond Pro Bono: Graphic Design’s Social Work / Anne Bush 25 3.6
Timing Is Everything: Lessons from Sphere Magazine / Peter Hall 32 4.3
Healing with Design: An Educational Approach / Chase A. Rogers 36 3.8
Expelling School Violence: Visual Communications as a Catalyst for Change / Carolyn McCarron 42 3.2
Brand Name Dropper / Steven Heller, Shawn Wolfe 47 3.9
Not for Profit / Steven Heller, David Sterling, Mark Randall 54 4.3
Reporters Without Borders / Veronique Vienne, Robert Menard 60 4.6
Pt. II. Professional Responsibility 69
The Cultural Influence of Brands: In Defense of Advertising / Chris Riley 70 3.3
Mental Whiplash: The Subjects of Our Affection / Leslie Becker 82 3.2
Reality Branding: Addressing Real Concerns and Real Needs / Nancy Bernard 87 4.1
Think Globally, Upload Locally: Responsible Web Design / J. D. Biersdorfer 91 4.0
The Weaving of Design and Community / Julie Baugnet 95 4.9
Human Values in Commerce: A Profile of Sara Little Turnbull / Veronique Vienne 100 4.0
Who Gets to Say What to Whom? / Maud Lavin 106 3.1
Typographica Mea Culpa: Unethical Downloading / Steven Heller 111 4.6
Responsibility Answers Absurdity / Michael Schmidt 115 3.3
Usability Expert / Steven Heller, Don Norman 128 3.8
Designers and Architects / Cheryl Towler Weese, Stanley Tigerman 134 3.3
Pt. III. Artistic Responsibility 143
“Beautility”: Good Design Has Utility / Tucker Viemeister 144 3.6
What’s Wrong with Plagiarism? / Gunnar Swanson 147 4.6
The Designer as Producer: Working Outside Mainstream Manufacturing / Victor Margolin 159 4.6
I Was Thinking the Other Day about One Possible Scenario for a Collective Future: The Open Source Software Movement / David Reinfurt 165 4.1
A Life of Luxury: When Products Are Naughty But Nice / Hugh Aldersey-Williams 175 2.3
I [heart] NY More Than Ever / Steven Heller, Milton Glaser 178 3.7
Socialist Designers / Veronique Vienne, Fabrizio Gilardino 182 4.4
Pt. IV. Raves and Rants 187
Responsible to Whom, I’d Like to Know?: Consorting with Clients to Con Shareholders / Ken Garland 188 3.0
Note for the New Millennium: Is the Role of Design to Glorify Corporate Power? / Stuart Ewen 191 4.0
Brand You: Better Selling through Anthropology / Thomas Frank 196 4.0
Hysteria: Intelligent Design, Not Clever Advertising / Mr. Keedy 206 3.2
Culture Jamming, or Something Like It / Matt Soar 210 4.3
Teaching as a Subversive Inactivity: The Responsible Design Teacher / Roy R. Behrens 213 3.9
(Do Not) Go To Jail: Monopoly and Political Protest / Teal Triggs 216 5.0
He Might Be Giant: Shepard Fairey / Michael Dooley 223 4.1
Guerrilla Street Postering: Civil Disobedience in Los Angeles / Robbie Conal 228 3.4
How Low Can You Go?: The Stupid Awards / David Vogler 231 2.8
Adbuster / Veronique Vienne, Kalle Lasn 239 3.6
Last Word 243 0.0
In a Continuous State of Becoming: Design Responsibility Tomorrow / Veronique Vienne 244 3.2

About Douglas Walls

Douglas M. Walls is an assistant professor of English at the North Carolina State University. His research interests digital rhetoric and user experience especially in social justice contexts.
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