Microtask 11/2 (5 pts.) describing and analyzing collective intelligence / crowdsourcing economies

Get with a buddy that you do not normally sit next to. This time, I mean it.
Find a crowd sourced form of labor.

Write a blog post of at least 400 words about an example of collective intelligence and/or crowdsourcing you find online.

What was the objective, was it accomplished, why would you call it example of collective intelligence and/or crowdsourcing, what social or technological affordances contributed to its success, would you consider the outcome beneficial or destructive?

Or attempt to do the very opposite — find an example of unintelligent or counterproductive groupthink online; answer the same questions.

Describe the economy of the labor using Terranova’s critique of distributed production.


About Douglas Walls

Douglas M. Walls is an assistant professor of English at the North Carolina State University. His research interests digital rhetoric and user experience especially in social justice contexts.
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