Microtask 11/25 (10 pts.) bots and UX design

This task is a continuation of class work we began on designing ‘bots. Just a refresher, you were asked to:

    • Make a list of “programs of action” that your bot engages in. Any time something is “interacting”
    • Make sure not to privilege bot-human interactions
    • Be specific
    • In the places where humans interact (input/outputs) what do humans need to see? What information does the bot need?
    • Use powerpoint or some other drawing program to make “screen shots” of these interaction screens.
    • use www.invisionapp.com to animate screens

In a 500 word post to each of your blogs, post both a link to your invision prototype and reflect on the process of inventing your bot. Make sure to explore what your bot does, what past projects either from the class or external influenced your work here, what course content or bot examples shaped your thinking about designing your bot, and what you learned or implications you have derived from the project.

Your reflection should be delivered in good blog writing style meaning:

      • you link out to ideas in a meaningful way
      • you write in a clear and conversational style
      • you include appropriate metadata

Screens must be linked and clickable.

      • Must have www.invisionapp.com link
      • If log in information is required, you must get it to Dr. Walls

About Douglas Walls

Douglas M. Walls is an assistant professor of English at the North Carolina State University. His research interests digital rhetoric and user experience especially in social justice contexts.
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