Grades & Assignments





A 100 – 94 percent
A- 93 – 90 percent
B+ 89 – 87 percent
B 86 – 83 percent
B- 82 – 80 percent
C+ 79 – 77 percent
C 76 – 73 percent
C- 72 – 70 percent
D+ 69 – 67 percent
D 66 – 63 percent
D- 62 – 60 percent
F 59 and below


Personal Digital Ecology Project- 100 points

Digital writing acts on you. In this assignment, you will research your own current digital writing practices and identities, and reflect on when and where you typically interact with digital media. We will refer to this as your personal digital media ecology. After conducting research, you’ll create an infographic to represent your findings & draw on what you learned to create a personal/ professional blog site of your choice. Your blog site will become your public digital writing outlet for the remainder of the semester, and you will share your infographic there as your first required posting.

Collaborative Wiki Book Review – 100 points

In this assignment, we will work as a class to review Citizen Designer: Perspectives on Design Responsibility, an edited collection that addresses the cultural implications and responsibilities of technological design. We will draft the review on a wiki, and you will practice writing and editing in a wiki forum. After the writing process, you’ll create an individual blog post that reflects on collaborative process and what you learned from it.

Course Reflection Memo – 100 points

For this final, reflective project, you will work individually to prepare a brief reflective piece, in which you critically approach and consider the work we’ve done this semester. It can be a memo. It can be an essay. It can be a short story. It can be a digital movie. It can be a slideshow. It can be something else entirely… The tools you use and the document you create are entirely up to you. What the document must do, regardless of its format, is provide space for you to consider the readings we’ve done, the goals of the course, the discussions we’ve had, and the work you’ve done this semester.

Three Minute Quiz – 100 points

Each class will begin with a small, short quiz. This Three Minute Quiz data (2pt for answering the question, 1 pt for getting it right) will only be available for the first three minutes of class and can not be made up. Please make sure to bring a pen and paper to take the quiz with.

Microtasks – Extra credit

Throughout the semester, usually on Fridays, I will ask you to make things that to some degree extend what we are working on or the ideas we are discussing for the class. These will me small assignments that will involve reflection and, many times, some sort of new digital writing tool use. Each microtask will ask you to do something then write a brief reflection on the task, drawing on sources from class to put the task in dialogue with other ideas.