Collaborative wiki book review assignments

Here is a list of who is doing what for our collaborative book review of Citizen Designer.

Capter Reviewer Curators
Introduction / Steven Heller All  All
Pt. I. Social Responsibility 1
Good Citizenship: Design as a Social and Political Force / Katherine McCoy 2 John Anna K.
Socially Responsible Advertising: Altruism or Exploitation? / Judith Schwartz 9 John Ana C.
Ethical Design Education: Confessions of a Sixties Idealist / Susan Szenasy 20 Ana C. John
Beyond Pro Bono: Graphic Design’s Social Work / Anne Bush 25 Krista Jessica N.
Timing Is Everything: Lessons from Sphere Magazine / Peter Hall 32 Ana C. Anna K.
Healing with Design: An Educational Approach / Chase A. Rogers 36 Jessica M. Jessica N.
Expelling School Violence: Visual Communications as a Catalyst for Change / Carolyn McCarron 42 Ana C. John
Brand Name Dropper / Steven Heller, Shawn Wolfe 47 Krista Solomon
Not for Profit / Steven Heller, David Sterling, Mark Randall 54 Solomon
Reporters Without Borders / Veronique Vienne, Robert Menard 60 Natasha Ana C.
Pt. II. Professional Responsibility 69
The Cultural Influence of Brands: In Defense of Advertising / Chris Riley 70 Alex Natasha
Mental Whiplash: The Subjects of Our Affection / Leslie Becker 82 Anna K. Solomon
Reality Branding: Addressing Real Concerns and Real Needs / Nancy Bernard 87 Ana C. Natasha
Think Globally, Upload Locally: Responsible Web Design / J. D. Biersdorfer 91 Anna K. Peter
The Weaving of Design and Community / Julie Baugnet 95 Peter Krista
Human Values in Commerce: A Profile of Sara Little Turnbull / Veronique Vienne 100 Anna K. Solomon
Who Gets to Say What to Whom? / Maud Lavin 106 Alex Ana C.
Typographica Mea Culpa: Unethical Downloading / Steven Heller 111 Peter Jessica M.
Responsibility Answers Absurdity / Michael Schmidt 115 John Jessica M.
Usability Expert / Steven Heller, Don Norman 128 Solomon Peter
Designers and Architects / Cheryl Towler Weese, Stanley Tigerman 134 Solomon Anna K.
Pt. III. Artistic Responsibility 143
“Beautility”: Good Design Has Utility / Tucker Viemeister 144 Krista Jessica N.
What’s Wrong with Plagiarism? / Gunnar Swanson 147 Alex Natasha
The Designer as Producer: Working Outside Mainstream Manufacturing / Victor Margolin 159 Jessica N. Alex
I Was Thinking the Other Day about One Possible Scenario for a Collective Future: The Open Source Software Movement / David Reinfurt 165 Jessica M. Solomon
A Life of Luxury: When Products Are Naughty But Nice / Hugh Aldersey-Williams 175 John Alex
I [heart] NY More Than Ever / Steven Heller, Milton Glaser 178 Krista Ana C.
Socialist Designers / Veronique Vienne, Fabrizio Gilardino 182 Jessica N. Anna K.
Pt. IV. Raves and Rants 187
Responsible to Whom, I’d Like to Know?: Consorting with Clients to Con Shareholders / Ken Garland 188 Krista Alex
Note for the New Millennium: Is the Role of Design to Glorify Corporate Power? / Stuart Ewen 191 Peter John
Brand You: Better Selling through Anthropology / Thomas Frank 196 Natasha Krista
Hysteria: Intelligent Design, Not Clever Advertising / Mr. Keedy 206 Jessica M. Krista
Culture Jamming, or Something Like It / Matt Soar 210 Natasha Jessica M.
Teaching as a Subversive Inactivity: The Responsible Design Teacher / Roy R. Behrens 213 Krista Peter
(Do Not) Go To Jail: Monopoly and Political Protest / Teal Triggs 216 Jessica N. John
He Might Be Giant: Shepard Fairey / Michael Dooley 223 Anna K. Solomon
Guerrilla Street Postering: Civil Disobedience in Los Angeles / Robbie Conal 228 John Ana C.
How Low Can You Go?: The Stupid Awards / David Vogler 231 Ana C. John
Adbuster / Veronique Vienne, Kalle Lasn 239 Krista
Last Word 243 Solomon Anna K.
In a Continuous State of Becoming: Design Responsibility Tomorrow / Veronique Vienne 244 Anna K. Solomon