Course Reflection Composition

due by 5:00 PM Dec. 3rd (NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED)

an overview . . .

For this final reflective project, you will work individually to prepare a brief reflective piece, in which you critically approach and consider the work we’ve done this semester. Like all finals, this work should draw cumulatively from readings, experiences, and work over the course of the semester.

I don’t care what form this reflective piece is. It can be a memo. It can be an essay. It can be a short story. It can be a digital movie. It can be a slideshow. It can be something else entirely

The analog and digital tools you use and the document you create are entirely up to you.

However the work must be delivered to me as a functioning CSS enabled website. This website does not have to be “hosted” somewhere (you can just give me a dropbox link and I will pull the files) but it must be able to run on my machine with downloaded files.

What the document must do, regardless of its format, is provide space for you to consider the readings we’ve done, the discussions we’ve had, and the work you’ve done this semester.

(Okay, I know everyone needs boundaries, so here’s a sense of boundary: If you were to write a traditional essay—double-spaced, 12 point type—I’d imagine that essay would likely be at least 3 pages.)

for your consideration . . .

I suggest you get started on this final project by reviewing and considering the course goals, now that we’re at the end of the semester.

what your create/write/compose . . .

In your project, you might decide to address just one of the course goals and how you feel you’ve met that goal (or not). Or you might decide to compose about each of the course goals.

You might decide to compose more accumulatively, and write about the compilation of things you’ve learned.

Regardless of what direction you take, be sure to include good illustration, description, and examples to support the claims you make along with citing theorists and authors from the course!

So, for instance, I don’t want to just read “I am a more thoughtful, critical, and reflective user of digital tools, technologies, and spaces.” I want you to show me evidence of this. Are you digitigally writing? Have you used metadata? Do you have a usable design?

thinking about  the future . . .

One thing I want you to make sure you do somewhere in your reflective document is to think a bit about what you want to do, learn, create next. What are your future plans or goals in terms of working with digital tools, technologies, and spaces? What next? Please, try to avoid sounding like a college admissions essay.


  • Multimedia: Must work, no second chances. That means TEST YOUR WORK
  • Make sure to test your work on another machine! If I can not access it, you have not turned it in