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Douglas M. Walls is an assistant professor of English at the North Carolina State University. His research interests digital rhetoric and user experience especially in social justice contexts.

Microtask 11/25 (10 pts.) bots and UX design

This task is a continuation of class work we began on designing ‘bots. Just a refresher, you were asked to: Make a list of “programs of action” that your bot engages in. Any time something is “interacting” Make sure not … Continue reading

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Microtask 11/2 (5 pts.) describing and analyzing collective intelligence / crowdsourcing economies

Get with a buddy that you do not normally sit next to. This time, I mean it. Find a crowd sourced form of labor. Write a blog post of at least 400 words about an example of collective intelligence and/or … Continue reading

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Canceled Class, Monday Oct. 29th

Hi Everyone, It looks like President Obama and former President Bill Clinton will be visiting campus on Monday, Oct. 29th. In addition to this being a good opportunity to see a sitting president, which you should do regardless of your … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Community of Practice Values

Hi Everyone, So John tweeted the following at me today, “@WallsDouglas Is there a way that we can see the individual ratings for our wiki articles? I’d like to know which ones I was doing right.” which I thought was a great … Continue reading

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Microtask 10/22 (5 pts.) Rank entries

Part of creating collaborative projects is having a system in place where everybody can judge and evaluate the work of others. In other words, what counts as “good”. By this Monday, 10/22 I would like you to: download the wiki entry review … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about technology, oppression, and access . . .

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Code Academy and CSS due 10/1

Code Academy and CSS (5 pts) use your class twitter account to sign up for Code Academy take the course at least the first course of CSS: Coding with Style; take more if you like tweet about your success before Monday  

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Networks and Nodes (10 pts) to be done before 9/24

Between now and Monday, keep track of every person you interact with of significance face to face, online, via telephone during single day. Like your ecology research, but just people. Visualize a social network with yourself at the center. You … Continue reading

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Microtasks to be done before 9/10 9/17

Playing around with code or mark up(5 pts). sign up for github: gist go to git write some sort of code or mark up create a public link to your code or mark up create a web post on your blog … Continue reading

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