Policies: The management regrets to inform you . . .

  • I will use e-mail to communicate important information about the class. Make sure your Knights email account is working and check it regularly. I’m usually pretty good at getting back to students quickly but I don’t check my work email on the weekend (and you wouldn’t either).
  • Laptops and cell phones: If you have a laptop or tablet, bring it to class as often as you can. Of course, there will be times where I’ll ask you to close or turn off your device and to pay attention to the face to face conversation, and obviously you shouldn’t use a laptop to goof off on Facebook, ESPN.com, etc.
  • I find students using cell phones– particularly smart phones– for useful tasks like taking notes, looking things up online, etc. I’m okay with that, but please refrain from using your phone to be distracted and/or goof off (e.g., texting with friends, surfing Facebook, etc.), and please put your phone on silent and do not take or make calls.
  • Your work in this class is public. Please don’t write things you wish to remain private.
  • I will not accept late assignments for credit unless you discuss problems with me well in advance.
  • If an assignment is lost or missing, you must provide another copy no matter the circumstances (so keep back ups of everything!).
  • Absences beyond three will severely affect your participation and professionalism grade (as explained below). Four absences may result in a D (60/100). Five absences may result in an F (0/100 points). Be on time. Two tardies equal one absence.
  • Technology breakdowns happen. Be flexible (don’t freak out if Webcourses goes down) and be aware (backup your files—try Dropbox—and use anti-virus software) in order to keep our stress level as low as possible.


As the Council of Writing Program Administrators puts it, “Plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately passes off another’s words or ideas without acknowledging their source. For example, turning another’s work as your own is plagiarism.” Don’t do this. If you plagiarize in this class, you will likely fail the class and your case may be passed to the university for additional disciplinary action. (Taken from Steve Krause’s blog. See how easy that is?)

Citation/Documentation Style:

We will be using MLA (Modern Language Association) style citation. Here are a few online resources for this style:

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Research and Documentation Online

A MLA sample paper